New Disney Dolls

Linda Rick was at Epcot in Orlando, Florida during the Easter weekend and unveiled the newest introductions to our Disney doll collection, exclusive to Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Parks.  Linda enjoyed meeting so many new collectors, as well as many familiar faces that came back to make sure the newest Disney dolls were still available to purchase before they sold out!

Here is what was introduced at Epcot at the Americana Pavilion:


Classic Rapunzel

Rapunzel was the most popular introduction of the event because of the successful Disney movie Tangled. 

Linda designed this adorable 12" doll after Rapunzel in Tangled and everyone just loved it - young and old(er) alike!  From the long blonde braid filled with flowers and ribbons to her enchanting gown made of lavender and pink satin material, she is a site to behold! 

Update:  Now available at Disney Retail locations in Disney World and Disneyland



Winnie the Pooh, Eeyor, Tigger, and Piglet

Fresh out of the Hundred Acres Woods comes a lively little bunch of fun!   These 9" little dolls are so cute and cuddly, you will have to collect the whole set!  Our little Precious Moments dolls are all snuggled up in their personality-packed outfits, with their precious faces peeking out of their character hats.  Who doesn't love Pooh and his friends?

Sorry, Sold Out.


Spring Tinker Bell

No visit to Orlando is complete without a Precious Pixie spreading a little magic your way!  Our new Spring Tink in bright green and hot pink flowers and trim was a popular treat for Epcot visitors.  This was a limited edition that we only produced for this Spring Event, and this little gal sold out during the Event, proving that there is power in Pixie Dust!

Sorry, Sold Out during the Event.



Linda will return back to Disney during the July 4th weekend, so you will have another chance to order Rapunzel and Pooh & Friends for your collection.  Be sure and check the Signing Schedule on the site, or call 800-851-5183 for more details.

Here are a few more images from the signing at Epcot: 


Thanks for your interest in our dolls, we appreciate your support!