In a faraway place, there lived a Doll Maker who created the most enchanting collection of dolls. The story would begin long ago with a little girl who believed she could bring her dolls to life with porcelain and paints and the belief that fairy tales can come true. She would magically bring each little creature to life with their own distinctive look and a name to suit their whimsical ways. Every little one has been brought to life in a magical way by The Doll Maker.

They have always been created with the finest of detail. Their clothing has been tailored like that of a queen, with the finest of fabrics you've ever seen. Their locks of hair are long and flowing; their pretty little faces are glowing. There is laughter on their little lips, and magic in their finger tips. These pixie creatures are so divine, you will be so happy to call them "mine".

Whether you're a doll collector, first-time doll buyer, or only purchase one doll in your lifetime, The Doll Maker has a doll that has been created just for you ... once upon a time.

Fairy Tales Can Come True ... If Only You Believe!

The Doll Maker